Getting Started

The purpose of this document is to provide a simple documentation on getting started with TextMaven.

Installing TextMaven on Windows

Assuming that you already downloaded the binary and dictionary package of TextMaven, unzip both packages into the same directory which will be referred to as TM_HOME. Next, define the environment variable TM_HOME to the directory were you installed TextMaven.

SET TM_HOME = put your installation directory here

It is recommended to put this definition your environment.

In order to test your installation, type the following commands:

cd %TM_HOME%\bin

You should see the following output:

--- Configuration ---

    gazetteer_csv-Gazetteer as CSV (en)
    jargon_db-Jargon (db) (en)
    en_ge_db-English German (db) (en)
    wn_csv-Webster as CSV (en)
    moby-thesaurus_csv-Moby Thesaurus as CSV (en)
    wn_db-WordNet (db) (en)
    foldoc_csv-Foldoc as CSV (en)
    foldoc_db-Foldoc (db) (en)
    bouvier_db-Bouvier (db) (en)
    bouvier_csv-Bouvier as CSV (en)
    gazetteer_db-Gazetteer (db) (en)
    vera_db-Vera (db) (en)
    gcide_db-Gcide (db) (en)
--> seqAll-Default composite dictionary sequential access (en)
    vera_csv-Vera as CSV (en)
    gcide_csv-Gcide as CSV (en)
    jargon_csv-Jargon as CSV (en)
    moby-thesaurus_db-Moby Thesaurus (db) (en)
    en_ge_csv-En_ge as CSV (en)
    unionAll-Composite dictionary (Union) (en)


Installing MySQL

Having successfully installed TextMaven, it is strongly recommended to install MySQL and convert the packaged dictionaries into database backed dictionaries. The following steps have been tested with the essential package, version 4.1.9. They assume that you install it with the standard option (port 3306, server installed and started as windows service):

Installing database backed dictionaries

Having installed MySQL it is recommended to convert the CSV based dictionaries into database backed dictionaries. Although this is not strictly necessary the configuration files which are part of this installation kit are build on the assumption that you do so. If you omit this step you have to adapt the configuration files appropriately.

cd %TM_HOME%
mkdir db
cd bin

In order to work with the MySQL database, the MySQL database server has to be started with the command TM_HOME\bin\start_server. This is not necessary, if the MySQL server is installed as windows service and set to automatic start. However, if the MySQL server is not installed as windows service the start and stop command in the configuration file config.xml and config4dbsetup.xml have to be adapted accordingly.

Testing the installation

In order to test the installation some test files are provided. Run the following commands:

cd %TM_HOME%\bin
tm -v -o browser -f test.html ..\test\wm_test_1.txt
Reading from file=[..\test\wm_test_1.txt] to file=[test.html]
Start processing...
Finished in 12087 msec
Total words     = 36
Words found     = 36
Words not found = 0

In addition, the file test.html should have been created in the current directory.