TextMaven features:

  • Transformation of ASCII formatted text into a hyperlinked HTML file with each word hyperlinked to its translation.
  • Generating a vocabulary list out of an ASCII formatted text.
  • Vocabulary lists can be generated in various formats, like HTML, CSV (to be used for vocabulary trainers), LIT format (which can be used to produce MS Reader dictionaries. Support for additional formats can be easily introduced.
  • Support for various dictionary formats which can be easily extended. Dictionary formats currently supported are XML based, database and Lucene based dictionaries.
  • Dictionaries can be converted between the various formats.
  • Before lookup words are stepwise reduced to stem-forms (currently available for english).
  • Exclusion lists control which words are looked up. This allows to adapt the generated vocabulary list to the individual skill level of the user. Various lists for standard vocabulary are included.
  • GUI supports creation of word lists.