The Converter application facilitates the conversion of dictionaries. For instance, the dictionaries in CSV format can be converted into database backed dictionaries.

Running the converter

In order to convert a dictionary into another format, type the followng command:

cd %TM_HOME%\bin
java -Xmx256m -Dtextmaven.home=%TM_HOME% -cp %_tm_classpath% textmaven.application.converter.Main [options] source-id target-id

Refer to the file setupdb.bat for sample conversion. This file converts the CSV dictionaries into database backed dictionaries. For conversion purposes, it might be appropriate to create a dedicated configuration file, like it is done in the sample file previously mentioned. A configuration file different than the default can be specified by setting the Java system property textmaven.configuration. See the example below:

java -Xmx256m -Dtextmaven.configuration=your-config-file.xml -Dtextmaven.home=%TM_HOME% -cp %_tm_classpath% textmaven.application.converter.Main [options] source-id target-id

Options and parameters submitted to the command file are directly passed through to the java program.

Options are:

-?Prints usage notes, as you are reading currently.
-vSwitch on verbose mode.
-dPrints the dictionaries configured
source-idId of the dictionary to be used as source.
target-idId of the dictionary to be used as target.