Package textmaven.dictionaries

Dictionary related classes.


Interface Summary
IBaseDictionary Common services each dictionary has to implement
IDictionary Represents a data dictionary.
IDictionarySource Represents a dictionary no direct access services but only an iterator to iterate over all translations.
IModifiableDictionary A dictionary which is modifiable.
IServer A server represents a process serving a dictionary.
ISQLStatementFactory Creates SQL statements appropriate for the database in use.

Class Summary
BaseDictionary The BaseDictionary.
CompositeDictionary Dictionary composed of one or more dictionaries.
CompositeIterator Implements an iterator over any number of iterators
CreateLuceneDict Utility class to create a lucene dictionary from any configured one.
CSVDictionary Implements a Dictionary backed on CSV file.
DBDictionary Implements a database backed dictionary.
DictionarySequence Composite dictionary implementing a sequential access strategy.
DictionaryUnion Composite dictionary implementing a union search strategy, i.e. all dictionaries are searched and included in the result.
DictOrgDictionary Implements a wormagic ISource with a dictionary file as backend.
FilePosition Represents the position of a String in a RandomAccessFile.
LuceneDictionaryIterator An Iterator over all Translation contained in the documents readable by the given reader.
MySQLStatementFactory Creates and instantiates statements appropriate for the MySQL
Translation Instance of this class represents dictionary entries.
XMLDictionary XML backed dictionary.

Package textmaven.dictionaries Description

Dictionary related classes.

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